Outdoor Ark:

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun


This outdoor chapel, much used during the current pandemic, required a set of furniture that was resonant, durable, and a focal point for the amphitheater setting. Inspiration for the forms and colors comes from a tale of the Baal Shem Tov which recounts his fervent prayers for his community during a plague–he finds a place in the forest, lights a fire, prays, and the plague is stayed. The setting of this chapel in the woods behind the synagogue, during a time of crisis, echoes this classic story. The ner tamid is a “fire” within the ark. Social distancing is possible with the two lecterns, that join together to become a torah reading table.

  • Commissioned by Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, Short Hills, NJ
  • Resin panels, mahogany, and aluminum