Torah Ornaments

Holy Blossom Temple


While the biblical source of the Torah shield describes the 12 tribes of Israel as precious stones, this shield depicts the Jewish people as 12 budding branches. This reflects the values of the temple, whose name refers to the beautiful Talmudic image of scholars as blossoms.

Rather than dangling awkwardly as the Torah is paraded around the synagogue, the yad here is integrated into the shield. The user of the yad, the Torah reader, stands for each member of the community, so the place for the yad is within the blossoming trees of the shield. Prior to reading, the yad is “plucked” from among the trees, and fits comfortably within the reader’s hand.

  • Sterling silver, 13″ h x 12″ w
  • Commissioned for the 150th anniversary of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto