Torah Crowns:

Holy Blossom Temple


Traditionally, torah crowns (rimmonim) parallel the alternating bells and pomegranates on the hem of Aaron’s priestly robe. The motif of the hollow bell and the bursting pomegranate can be seen to represent two states of mind, one of selflessness and one of confidence, that are necessary when approaching the Divine.

These rimmonim express this empty-full relationship. The interior of the left one is hung with silver bells, the right with pomegranate seeds of polished and etched crystals. The free hanging of these two make slightly different sounds, reminding us of the two states of consciousness experienced by Aaron as he entered the holy of holies.

  • Sterling silver + Czech crystal beads, 10”h x 4” dia
  • Commissioned for the 150th anniversary of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto