Night Blossom Menorah


According to Jewish tradition, the original temple menorah was made of gold, almond-blossom-shaped cups.  In this modern riff on that design inspiration, you to scatter almond blossoms in a shallow midnight blue ceramic bowl filled with water.  The pool or water both reflects the candlelight, and provides a dramatic and clean way for the candles to sizzle out as they burn down. Each ceramic dish is handmade in Chicago by master potter Chris Busse, and vary slightly in color and shape. This menorah makes a lovely centerpiece which will enchant your guests at Hanukah and beyond! Available from this website, and Celebrations the Jewish Museum Design Shop, NYC.

  • Hand-finished brushed brass, ceramic, 16” x 6” x 1.5″

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 4 in


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